Saturday, January 1, 2011

blog necromancy. GO!

ok so i'm going to try to update this semi-regularly for 2011 starting now. so without further ado here it goes.

it's the beggining of term over at the hpkchc so it's time for a magic awesome plan to be formed:

Charms: the Trace: taking a note from SarahTheEntwife i will be making a camera pouch.

HoM: something representing house unity or a hat: something chat related maybe

DADA: repel hexes: cro-baktus to repel the dreaded giraffe neck hex

Potions: ingredients for invigorating potion: not sure if i'll do this one. cant think of something that i do to invigorate myself

Herbology: mushrooms: magic shrooms

Flying: something to keep warm on a broom: another cro-baktus? or a cowl.

Divination: scrying for the new year: i really want to have an awesome steampunk outfit for comic-con this year. maybe some accessories?

O.W.L : Charms: sidewalk shawl in white. going to have to figure out a way to make it not white when i finish it. any tips on dyeing acrylic?

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